Glazed yeast doughnuts (the "original") 80¢ ($9.60/dozen)
with chocolate icing $1 ($12/dozen)
Cake doughnuts
cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar 80¢
other flavors (blueberry, etc.) as available $1
Long doughnuts (an unfilled yeast doughnut with caramel icing) 80¢
Filled doughnuts (raspberry jelly or vanilla cream) $1
Apple fritters $1.50
Cinnamon rolls (with caramel icing) 80¢
Danish (raspberry, lemon, cream cheese, etc.) $1.50
Brownies 90¢
Cream horns (a flaky pastry tube filled with vanilla cream) $2.00
Cupcakes $1.00
Gooey butter bars (like a chess bar with cream cheese) $1.50
Fruit bars (a soft cookie made with raisins and molasses) 50¢
Sticky buns $1.00
(baked with cinnamon and topped with pecans in a sticky glaze)
(weekends only)

We make other items (Parker House rolls, pies, muffins, etc.) seasonally or to order. Contact us for details.